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How to record more than one product’s affilate income in Quickbooks

Today we answer Suzanne’s question…how to record affiliate income in Quickbooks for more than one product?

Candy’s Raves

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Interested in starting a real estate VA Business

Today we answer Vivian’s question…how do get a coach for my new real estate based virtual assistant business?

REVA Institute
VA League

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What is Boomerang for Gmail?

Candy explains how Boomerang can help with your Gmail and how she uses it.

Inbox Heaven

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How do I become a virtual assistant mentor?

Candy answers Jerri’s question on how to become a virtual assistant mentor.

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How do I keep track of time as a virtual assistant?

Candy answers Monica’s question of how to keep track of time as a virtual assistant.

Diana Ennen
Donna Toothaker

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What billing solution should I use in my Virtual Assistant practice?

Candy replies to the question of what billing solution they should use for their Virtual Assistant practice.

QuickBooks Billing Solutions

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How much should I charge to subcontract for a virtual assistant?

Candy answers Serena’s question about charging as a subcontractor.

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What software should I get for my VA business?

Julie asks what software she should get for her VA business and Candy replies.

Adobe Acrobat

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How to show experience as a new virtual assistant

Today, Candy answers Cyndee’s question about projecting experience as a Virtual Assistant.

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How to handle a potential client consultation as a virtual assistant

Today, Candy answers Julieann’s question… How do I handle a consultation with a potential client?

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