About This Blog

So, what’s up with this blog?
The Short Version –> I’d been looking for some way to give back to the Virtual Assistant community for a while. I decided that the best way is to start a blog with free information for VAs, Aspiring VAs and people who want to hire a VA. This blog is my “thank you” to everyone who ever helped me and to those who inspire me on a regular basis.

The Long Version –> In January 2009, I was driving down the freeway on my way back from some random errand and a thought started forming in my head… I immediately picked up the phone and called my husband and said, “Okay, now let me finish before you start laughing…” Instead of laughing, he enthusiastically said “Wow, you should totally do that. You’ll never monetize it, but that’s not the point. Do it! I’ll help you.” (or something equally supportive because that’s just who he is.)

So, now we have this blog. As I was driving around, I realized that haven’t been responding as well as I once did to people who were wanting information about what I did – especially those VAs that were just getting started or wanting to know where to start. I had so many emails coming in and people calling me, I simply couldn’t help everyone. I wanted a way that was easy for me to answer questions in a public forum. I thought about asking a friend who runs a free Virtual Assistant Networking forum to let me have something there, but I realized that I wanted it to be more permanent… More dynamic…

I then thought of a blog, but didn’t want to do all that typing; plus I wanted to give everyone “just 2 minutes of my time” like they all keep asking for. Video was the answer. Those that know me probably don’t believe I’m actually doing this. I hate to be on camera. No… I really hate it. But I’ve been trying to go outside of my own comfort zone for a while, so…

2 Minutes With A VA was born…

I hope you get something from this blog. I hope you ask me questions. No, I WANT you to ask me questions! Ask me anything at all. I’ll answer as honestly and truthfully as I can. Remember, I work on both sides of the table. I work as a VA *and* I also hire VAs to work for me.

And, yes, those links on the right are affiliate links. I know this blog will never make me rich, but I wanted to put it here to give back to the VA community. The community that has given me so much. One day, my hope is that those little links will pay for the hosting of the site. If not, well, that’s my little contribution to you – to all the newbies out there that keep me energized about what I do for a living!

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