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How to handle a potential client consultation as a virtual assistant

Today, Candy answers Julieann’s question… How do I handle a consultation with a potential client?

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Opening a new company, taxes, 1099s, W9s, Oh My!

Today, Candy answers Samuel’s question… How do I handle my taxes and where do I find W9’s?

IRS W9 Form
Are you an employee, self-employed or an independent contractor? Find out the difference.

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Was only a VA for 2 weeks – What about taxes?

Today, Candy answers Candice’s question… I was only a VA for two weeks. Do I need to worry about taxes or business licenses?

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Virtual Assistant Retreat in Orlando, FL February 2013

Today we wanted to let people know about the Virtual Assistant Retreat being held in Orlando, FL, February 6-8, 2013.

VA League Retreat
VA League
VA league Business Development Day

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