Should I put my address on my website?

Today we answer Chris’ question…should I put my address on my website


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My name is Candy and I own OffAssist. I've been a VA since February 2002 and work full time with my husband at it. We have been very successful and I am always being asked for just 2 minutes of my time. This is my way of giving everyone... "just 2 minutes of my time". Enjoy and please ask away!

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2 Responses to Should I put my address on my website?

  1. Laurie Cantus August 9, 2011 at 1:26 pm #

    We just did this – opened a PO box for privacy and safety. I’m in the process of scouring the webs to find where I can switch out our home address for the new one. I agree – a good idea, and not expensive at all! I think your point about setting it up from the beginning is spot on. I wish I would have done this ages ago.

  2. Justin August 22, 2011 at 12:12 am #

    I rent a box at a local shipping place, and have all my regular/non-client business mail sent there. I’ve found it has three benefits over a USPS box:
    1) They will receive and sign for UPS, FedEx, /and/ USPS deliveries, where USPS won’t.
    2) The counter ladies are much more accommodating. They’ll call me if something comes in, and make excellent witnesses if something arrives damaged.
    3) To some people, it looks more “professional” or like a “legitimate” office, because I can use “Suite 123″ instead of “P.O. Box 123″.

    I don’t give that address out to most of my clients, though, but it’s because payments go straight to my bookkeeper (Hi Candy!) to be deposited, and other client mail goes through my corporate agent.

    Privacy in itself isn’t really a big concern for me (Stop laughing, Candy), but safety definitely is, because I’ve had issues in the past. (Once bitten, twice shy.) I like knowing that if some nut does come looking for me, they won’t find anything but a post box, and the counter ladies will look out for me.

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