Are you interested in mentoring me?

Today we answer Randa’s question…are you interested in mentoring me?


About Candy

My name is Candy and I own OffAssist. I've been a VA since February 2002 and work full time with my husband at it. We have been very successful and I am always being asked for just 2 minutes of my time. This is my way of giving everyone... "just 2 minutes of my time". Enjoy and please ask away!

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2 Responses to Are you interested in mentoring me?

  1. Katherine Jahnke October 9, 2010 at 11:10 pm #

    What a great comment Randa. How awesome if the “veteran” VAs would take a “rookie” VA under their wing and mentor them. What a great program that would be and I would think the veterans would benefit from paying it forward. I certainly have looked for a mentor. Best of luck to you Randa!

  2. Randa Lee October 10, 2010 at 10:46 am #

    Thanks for your advice Candy. I am on VAnetwork, but I could certainly do a proper introduction. I kinda jumped in with my questions.

    Here’s a little about me: I am married mother of 2, tired of layoffs and downsizing. I have supported high level executives, managed offices, ran a tutor mentor program, for over 12 years now. Unfortunately, administration is normally the first on the budget chopping block. I’ve decided to only offer my services to small businesses and entrepreneurs who cannot afford staff. Currently, I’ve completed 2 small projects, and I’m working FT as a contractor while awaiting my next client opportunity. [there’s more, but I won’t take over the comment section.. feel free to contact me via email or on VA Networking.. thanks!

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