Is having a dot com domain a personal preference for you?

Today we answer Daya’s question…is having a dot com domain a personal preference for you?

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One Response to Is having a dot com domain a personal preference for you?

  1. JustinR June 30, 2010 at 12:19 pm #

    I agree with you Candy, for all of the reasons you’ve given, as well as one more: perception.

    Once upon a time – when 14.4 was blazing fast – everybody on the internet was at least a little bit geeky. If asked, they could tell you that .com meant commercial, .org meant organization, and .net meant network.

    Today, everybody is on the internet, and the vast majority aren’t the least bit geeky. I would lay money that 85% have no clue that TLDs ever meant anything, and certainly can’t rattle off the right answers. All they know – and I’m quoting from actual clients – are that some addresses are “real” and some aren’t.

    With the exception of non-profit organizations, which should use .org (but have their .com too). few sites do themselves any favors by being outside the .com space. I have heard users express the feeling that non-com domains mean a company isn’t serious about their website, that it isn’t legitimate or trustworthy, and/or isn’t the best in the field. I’ve even heard people assert the belief that a non-com domain is a guaranteed sign a site is a scam. I wish I could say I only hear such things from the ignorant, but that’s not the case – I hear it from intelligent, accomplished individuals just as often.

    Are any of those views particularly reliable? Probably not. Reliable doesn’t matter, though – like a rumor, all that matters is that its out there. Refuse to accept it, educate against it, press on in spite of it – that’s fine. The reality is that these views are out there, and they will affect those who choose to ignore them.

    I, for one, am not willing to lose money over something as easy as registering a .com domain.
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