Viewer Challenge Response-Joining In: Danielle Guérin

This video challenge response comes from Danielle Guérin, owner of VADG.

Danielle, Thank you for submitting your video.

Viewer Challenge: Tell us about JOINING IN
Danielle Guérin, VADG
IVAA Summits

About Candy

My name is Candy and I own OffAssist. I've been a VA since February 2002 and work full time with my husband at it. We have been very successful and I am always being asked for just 2 minutes of my time. This is my way of giving everyone... "just 2 minutes of my time". Enjoy and please ask away!

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One Response to Viewer Challenge Response-Joining In: Danielle Guérin

  1. Danielle D'Amours September 16, 2009 at 8:41 pm #

    Is voting encouraged? If so, I vote enthusiasticly for Danielle Guerin, for her warm, succinct, highly positive presentation with emphasis upon community building and collaboration amongst VAs, internationally. She also has a lovely first name and accent! # : )

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