How Do I Get Hired On By VAs?

Today we answer Ana’s question…How Do I Get Hired On By VAs?


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My name is Candy and I own OffAssist. I've been a VA since February 2002 and work full time with my husband at it. We have been very successful and I am always being asked for just 2 minutes of my time. This is my way of giving everyone... "just 2 minutes of my time". Enjoy and please ask away!

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  1. Collette Schultz September 24, 2009 at 9:49 pm #

    Love this video since this is my niche, VA subcontracting. She is so right about getting your name out there and participating in social groups, forums and other VA activiies. I’m an active member on and On the one forum I have a group specific for those wanting to be subcontractors. Please feel free to join if you hire other VAs or want to be a VA that subcontracts.


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