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Headshot Tips for Your Virtual Assistant Website

Our guest vlogger, Tawnya Sutherland with, answers the question, “Should I put my photograph on my website?”

Resources: – Tawnya’s forum and website for VAs
VBSS (Virtual Business Startup System) – that box Tawnya’s holding, I’ve heard great things about this!

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What software should I have to run my virtual assistant business?

Kevin asks what software he should have in his business…

OpenOffice – Open source office suite
Adobe Acrobat Standard 9 – for PDFs
QuickBooks – Simple Start is free and allows you to have 20 customers and vendors, I usually tell people to spring for the Pro version though

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Virtual Assistants Bidding on eLance and oDesk and the like…

Deanna asks about bidding on projects through bid sites…

IVAA – International Virtual Assistants Association
VANetworking –

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Does this site generate any revenue?

Laurie asks if I’ve made any money off of this vlog.

Buy blocks of my time
Blog by Scott Ingram about brain picking

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How to transition from a J.O.B. to a virtual assistant

Jeneen asks us how to make the transition to working from home as a virtual assistant.

Entrepreneurial Freedom by Jeannine Clontz and Lauren Hidden
MeetUp – a place to find various meetings of people with similar interests

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Following up with potential clients

Karen asks about following up with potential clients…

The Art of Follow Up by Jaime Lee Mann
Silly Holidays by BrownieLocks

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How should a virtual assistant track their time?

Carl asks us about tracking his time for different projects and clients…

TraxTime (IVAA members have a discount!)
Online Stopwatch

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What do I do after my first client comes calling?

Kevin asks “what now” once you start getting your first client calls…

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Is having a degree needed to be a successful virtual assistant.

Pam has a lot of real world experience but no degree and wants to know if this is a problem in being a successful virtual assistant…

IVAA Certification Department
VA Certified

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