Using a VA with an in-house assistant

Nancy asked me about working with a client who has an in-house assistant already…

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  1. Dana Fortier March 17, 2009 at 2:13 pm #

    I just wanted to add a comment about VAs working with in-house assistants. In my particular field (legal) – its not uncommon for the VA and the in house assistant to work together for the good of the attorney, especially in areas such as litigation support and bankruptcy filings. In my particular area – litigation support – I have one client with a staff and he initially partnered with me to just manage his personal calendar (while he was acting as president of an attorney association), which then morphed into what I do for him and the in-house staff currently. The in-house assistant knows that things will be covered if she has to be out for a while, has an emergency, and she can schedule vacation and know that she won’t come back to a desk that’s overrun with papers. While I am not in the same area (nor the same time zone), we’ve worked it out so that we ALL work toward the greater good. The in-house assistant never liked a particular task, and I love doing it. We’ve since become very good friends, and have promised that if I ever get there we’ll be getting together. Much like my relationships with other VAs – I know VAs in all parts of the globe. Some I’ve met, many I haven’t.

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