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When can a VA expect to start making some money?

Courtney asks me how long it takes before she starts making some money… :) No holds barred there, Courtney! ;)

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Should a Virtual Assistant post their rates on their website?

Guest vloggers Janet Barclay and Lanel Taylor answer the question, “Should I post my rates on my virtual assistant website?” They each take a side… let’s see what these seasoned VAs have to say…

Listen to these and then give your opinion in the comments…

First up, let’s talk about why you SHOULD… Janet Barclay from Organized Assistant and the founder of the Golden Horseshoe Virtual Assistants Group is here to answer the question, “Should I post my rates on my website?”

On the Cons side of posting your rates on your website… Lanel with Taylored Office Solutions

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Is VAClassroom’s Social Media Marketing worth the cost?

Guest Vlogger, Sherra Scott, owner of Quality Practice Management Solutions answers our next question, “I keep hearing about VAclassroom and their Social Media Marketing class, but the cost seems high. Have any of you take this class personally or have any inside information?”

Social Media Marketing class
Internet Marketing class

Remember, one of the most important things a business owner can do is continue to learn!

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Guest Vlog with my son – Running a VA biz with children

I was asked how to start up and run a VA business when there are kids in the home… you get 4 minutes on this one and a my son guest vlogged with me :) My daughter was entirely too shy for it.

VAC – stands for virtual assistant connection. These are VA meetings that IVAA sponsors. You don’t have to be a member or even join, they just do what they can to help – and provide goodies! Email for info.

Happy Friday Bonus! – some of my favorite “keeping the kids busy” links – we still use these for Summer!
Kid’s Projects – from Recipe Zaar
15 Ideas – from At Home Mom Blog
Disney Online Coloring Pages – if you let them use a computer
ReadyMechs – print and fold toys
Funology – Your kids will never say they’re bored again!
Birthday Party Ideas – I use these to plan a “party” when the kids were exceptionally good and let me get a deadline done.
200+ Ideas – from The Dollar Stretcher
Origami – instructional videos – great for older kids, not so much for younger :)
Cool Science – some neat ideas for your science loving kids

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Starting back up after a hiatus…

Teresa took a hiatus from her business and now looking to ramp it back up again…

Online Networking For The Newbie – great eBook

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Using a VA with an in-house assistant

Nancy asked me about working with a client who has an in-house assistant already…

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How does a Virtual Assistant become a subcontractor?

Here Guest Vlogger Lanel with Taylored Office Solutions answers Tami’s question “I’m just getting started and thought subcontracting would be a good way to learn the ropes. Is it a good idea to start calling or e-mailing other VAs looking for work?”

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How do I become a legitimate business?

Jenny asks me how to become a legitimate business and where to find out all of the information in starting a company…

DBA = “doing business as”
IRS TIN Application

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Follow up: Why can’t a VA be everything to everyone?

An anonymous submitter asked a follow up to our question on Friday… why do I say that they can’t be everything to everyone? So, here’s your answer (my opinion, of course!)

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How to chose your virtual assistant specialty or niche.

Brad asked me, “How do I decide what kind of VA I should be? How do I choose a specialty?”

I did forget to say the most important part – be a GOOD VA :) Word of mouth marketing is the best kind :)

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