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Should I just go for it?

Kevin asks if he should just go for it… and he gets a bonus… 1 minutes with TWO VAs! First up, is moi…

Next up is Lauren Hidden. Lauren is owner of The Hidden Helpers and co-author of Entrepreneurial Freedom, a fabulous book for VAs looking to get started in the industry!

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How can a VA help with podcasting and website revisions?

I answer Rosa Linda’s question, “I am running a video podcast & accompanying website as a “one-woman-band.” How could a VA help me? And how much does a VA generally cost?”

Rosa, you can find qualified VAs by browsing the VA directories or submitting and RFP to either IVAA or VA Networking – best of luck!

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Social or In-Person Networking? Which is better?

Tom Beauchamp with OffAssist answers a question from Angie…

VA Networking Forums

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How do I get started as a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

The question asked of me most often…

(Finished right at 2 minutes – score!)

IVAA Summit –
IVAA VAC Email Address –
MeetUp –
IVAA Membership Directory – Click HERE
IAVOA Membership Directory – Click HERE
VA Networking Membership Directory – Click HERE
Entrepreneurial Freedom Workbook – Click HERE

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Introducing… 2 Minutes With A VA

Just a quick introduction about this blog. Please take time to explore the links at the top as well. Welcome to 2 Minutes With A VA!

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